Start-to-modular DIY

Speaker: Jan De Block

Language: Dutch


In this lecture I want to explain the basic principles of electronics, components and
circuits in an easy way, so that you can start to design your own modules, mod existing
modules, or trace errors in non working DIY kits.”
We start with basics like what is a trigger, what does an opamp do…and we end with an
easy mixer and a step sequencer.

Jan is producer/componist and founder of modular404.com, and has a master
electronics background. His rack is a combination of self designed modules, DIY kits
and commercial modules.

VCV Rack: your own modular from €0

Speaker: Innocent Coppieters

Language: Dutch


VCV rack is a free open source modular (Mac OS, Windows, Linux), and
supported by some modular hardware manufacturers: you can use the free software of modules like Plaits (Mutable Instruments), Rampage (Befaco) etc on your laptop.
Next to the stand-alone version of VCV rack, you can now also use it in your DAW, or
even connect it to your eurorack.
Innocent Coppieters (who made his first VCV rack modules recently) shows the
possibilities of VCV rack and also the integration in Ableton. VCV rack is de ideal way to discover if modular is your thing without first investing €1000 te find the answer!


Eurorack DIY tips & tricks

Speaker: Timo Rozendal

Language: English

In this talk I would like to share what I have learned over the past few years while
making my own 100% DIY eurorack system. This will cover topics for people who are
just starting out and also for people who have a few years of experience.”
What choices can you make when you are building a system that is based on existing
Which tools do you need, where do you buy components, what’s a good workflow?


Axoloti in a eurorack environment

Speaker: Jan Vantomme

Language: English

Axoloti is a belgian invention by Johannes Taelman: for just €65 ex VAT you get a DSP
core module with inputs, outputs and midi, including a software patcher to create your
own module or instrument. After you upload your patch to the Axoloti board, it becomes a stand-alone unit doing exactly what you want it to do.
Jan Vantomme has a wide experience using Axoloti, and also recorded a whole album
using only Axoloti. Since some time Jan is also building modules for his eurorack case.
He will present concrete plans for integrating Axoloti in eurorack, a door to exciting and affordable possibilities. First, he will introduce Axoloti, and next he will discuss the
challenges and possibilities within a eurorack modular.


Creative patching masterclass

Speaker: Erwin Van Looveren

Language: Dutch

Erwin Van Looveren (aka w. ravenveer) is active in the modular scene since a long
time. Aside from the hype-of-the-moment modules, in this masterclass he shows
creative ways to patch modules in an original way to obtain interesting and amazing
A journey about the balance between functional modules and generic tools.