Welcome to the Pulse website

On Saturday June 15 th , you are invited to PULSE, modular music fest, in Opwijk, Belgium.

PULSE is organized by Nosta, Modular404 & Mangoest, as a non-profit project to vitalize the modular scene in Belgium.

Edition 1 of PULSE will happen at Nosta, Opwijk, Belgium (see nostamusic.be), and is a 1-day event:
2PM-7PM: Modular market, lectures and a DIY workshop in the afternoon
5PM-10PM: Ambient in the Park (outdoor POWWOW event in the open air arena)
9PM- xxx: modular gigs (concert hall Nostamusic)

Even in this age of online media, with many synthesizer-related social groups, YouTube performances and tutorials, there is still no substitute for having a physical location where like-minded, synth people can come together and meet face to face. Belgium has an amazing community of synthesizer enthusiasts, who all look forward to the times when we can meet up, hang out, break bread and learn new things about synthesis. Enter the world of PULSE!

Hands-on Experiences

There will be many opportunities at PULSE to get hands-on with a lot of modular gear and much more. In the exhibit halls you will discover new products and you will get to dive deep into these products and experience them for yourself. All day long there will be equipment vendors giving demonstrations, and there will be two DIY building modular workshops (SKULL and BASTL INSTRUMENTS) in the afternoon.

Electronic Music In Many Genres

At PULSE we are going to do our absolute best to give you music from as wide of a basis as possible. We are all about synthesizers and synthesizer music… We will strive to have artists who play in a variety of genres such as; Ambient, Breakbeat, Disco, Downtempo, Drum and Bass, Dub, Electro, Electroacoustic, Electronic, Ethnic Electronic, Hardstyle, Hi-NRG, House music, Industrial, IDM, Techno, Modular noise, Experimental and whatever else we discover that is desirable to you.

Make New Friends, Meet Old Friends

One to one relationships are the real reason to have such an event as PULSE. Here in BELGIUM, we have one of the world’s largest community of synthesizer enthusiast and we all look forward to the times when we get to meet up, hang-out, listen to great synth music (from many genres) and learn new things about synthesis. At PULSE you are going to find many opportunities to make new friends and establish new business connections. We are certain that PULSE will become the new hot spot where likeminded synth people will come together year after year… for the love of all things synthesizer.

We Welcome Everyone

At PULSE we will not discriminate against anyone. We will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of our events or operations… We love everyone the same! We strive to create a unified & loving community of synthesizer fans, who are all working together and are kind and tolerant.